Cavi-Break & Cavi-Vent Strips

The all-in-one cavity batten system delivering superior thermal breaks, effective condensation management and reliable cavity closure for both residential and commercial construction

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The ATI Cavi-System

ATI Cavi-Break® and Cavi-Vent™ installation schematic for timber or steel construction

The Integrated Thermal Break Strip & Cavity Ventilation Solution

Cavi-Break® and Cavi-Vent™ thermal break strips form a comprehensive and easy to install cavity batten system for steel and timber framing in residential and commercial buildings.

  • Cavi-Break® is a highly effective thermal break strip plus cavity batten
  • Cavi-Vent™, applied horizontally, acts as a thermal break, ventilated cavity drainage batten and cavity closer

They can be used for all types of lightweight cladding and provide a quadruple function

  • thermal break strip for improved thermal performance
  • cavity batten to create a 20mm cavity
  • cavity drainage and cavity ventilation for condensation management
  • cavity closer

This integration improves thermal performance and building health, making it a leading choice for modern construction needs.


How does it work?

Watch our Cavi-Break® and Cavi-Vent™ installation in action at a Brooks Builders’ child care site

Thermal Performance

A superior, economical thermal break strip

ATI Cavi-Break® Strip is a breakthrough thermal break strip that exceeds the minimum National Construction Code (NCC) requirement of 0.2m² K/W by almost three times with a R-value of 0.58m² K/W.

Innovative and economical for both timber and steel framing:

  • In steel frame applications, the Cavi-Break Strip excels by creating an enhanced thermal barrier at the interfaces between external cladding and the steel frame.
  • For timber framing, its effectiveness extends beyond thermal insulation. The cavity batten effectively combats condensation, rot, mildew and also boasts fire-retardant properties.

Key Benefits

There are many benefits for builders, fabricators and cladding suppliers using the Cavi-Break® and Cavi-Vent™ System

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to handle, cut & install
  • 45mm x 20mm based on industry needs
  • Convenient 1200mm length
  • Will not compress (300KPa strength)
  • Self-adhesive that really works
  • Superior condensation management
  • Superior thermal properties (R-value of 0.58m²)
  • 70 Cavi-Break strips or 84 linear meters per box (batten up 35 studs per box)
  • Direct delivery to site or purchase in-store

ATI Cavi-Break® Strip

Industry-leading thermal break and cavity batten for residential and commercial timber or steel construction.

Cavi-Break Thermal Break Strip Features Graphic
  • Exceeding the minimum National Construction Code (NCC) R-value standard of 0.2m² K/W by almost three times with a class-leading R-value of 0.58m² K/W.
  • Developed in close consultation with industry experts and leading builders to better suit their needs and save valuable time and money.
  • Supplied in convenient 1200mm strips to suit a typical 2400mm ceiling height.
  • Each carton contains 70 Cavi-Break Strips or 84 linear meters, enough to batten up no less than 35 studs, but still is lightweight to carry.

Ideal for use with both steel and timber framing, ATI Cavi-Break® Strip is the solution Australian builders have been looking for to increase building energy efficiency and save time.

Find more information on the product page, or consult the brochure.

ATI Cavi-Vent™ Strip

Our Industry-leading thermal break ventilated cavity drainage and cavity closer batten


Cavi-Vent Strip Features Graphic
  • ATI Cavi-Vent strip was developed in close consultation with industry experts and leading builders to better suit their needs and save valuable time and money.
  • For residential and commercial timber or steel construction.

  • Each carton contains 70 strips, totalling 84 linear meters, with the 1200mm length ideal for 600mm stud centre builds.

  • Only 1/10th the weight of timber for ease of handling and installation.

The ATI Cavi-Vent® Strip is the must have solution for Australian builders to effectively manage condensation, mitigating hidden moisture-related damage and ensuring your structures endure. It’s the straightforward solution for building longevity.

Find more information on the product page, or consult the brochure.

Cavi-Break Strip opened box viewed from top

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Customer Stories

WST Building & Construction

“I decided to go with ATI Cavi-Break® and let me tell you, the customer service I received was second to none. What’s more, it was competitively priced, even beating the competition who had a far less superior product.”

“Installation was a breeze, especially because there was no need for any power tools. I was surprised at how quickly the strips went up, ready to install the cladding.”

Sam Payling, Director

Coco L Construction

“It was price efficient but also really labour efficient, which should attract many commercial builders on the market. Other products require additional labour during the attachment, such as fiber cement battens, because you have to screw them on and measure and make sure it’s all right.”

Zach Wen, Project Manager

Brooks Builders

“For us, it’s a no brainer. We’ll definitely be using the ATI Cavi-Strip in more projects. It’s just so simple and easy to use and cost effective, so it’s definitely the product we’ll be using ongoing.” 

Justin Brooks, Director

Integrity New Homes Brisbane

“During our trial of the product we utilised the Cavi-Break Strips on the neighbouring build as they were so easy to handle, had great self-adhesive and saved time.”

The ATI Story

Revolutionising Australian Building Efficiency

In both residential and light commercial construction sectors, prioritising thermal efficiency and effective condensation management is essential. The industry-wide quest for high-performing thermal breaks and cavity battens that marry efficiency with cost-effectiveness is ongoing. Australian Thermal Industries (ATI) addresses this demand, dedicated to delivering premium solutions for Australian builders across various sectors.

With a keen eye on innovation and strategic procurement, ATI presents Cavi-Break®, a standout product developed to enhance thermal mitigation for steel framing and to provide dependable cavity battens for timber frames, ensuring superior condensation management and bolstering building integrity.

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Cavi-Break® and Cavi-Vent™ Thermal Break Strips are a lightweight, easy to apply and economical product that exceeds the minimum National Construction Code (NCC) requirement by almost 3 times.

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Did you know

ATI donates 1% of the sales revenue to the HIA Charitable Foundation (HIACF), which works to improve health and welfare outcomes in the housing industry, including mental health issues.


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