Brooks Builders save time and money with Cavi-Break® Strip

Jul 18, 2023 | Commercial Construction, General News

Queensland-based Brooks Builders discovered the Cavi-Break Strip when building a large kindergarten in the exciting new Eco Village at Currumbin on the Gold Coast.

After discovering the innovative ATI solution, perfect as a thermal break for steel frames and cavity batten for timber framed structures, Brooks Builders hasn’t looked back. 

“We got introduced to ATI and we’re really excited to use this product,” Director of Brooks Builders Justin Brooks said. “It’s easy, it’s light, it’s in shorter strips than we usually use so it’s easy to put on and it’s also got an easy adhesive back.  

When deciding on the ideal thermal break option, Justin looked at cost, labour requirements and quality, with the Cavi-Break Strip emerging as a clear winner.  

“Coming into the project I did the cost checks on different products, on different manufacturers, and I found that the ATI product was very competitive but also the efficiencies to install it outweighed the others,” he said. 

The time savings were a significant factor for Brooks Builders, who understand that quick installation means better returns. 

“I find it’s great – it’s just so easy to use,” Justin said. “We anticipate once the sarking is on, because of the ease of this product, they’ll go on within a couple of days for us.” 

“You just take off the strip and you stick it on – it’s quite simple!” 

Brooks Builders plan on using the Cavi-Break Strip for all future jobs, after experiencing the various benefits of this revolutionary product first-hand. 

“For us, it’s a no brainer – we’ll definitely be using the ATI Cavi-Strip,” Justin said. “It’s just so simple and easy to use and cost effective, so it’s definitely the product we’ll be using ongoing.” 

For builders using timber frames, the Cavi-Break Strip is also perfectly suited for use as a cavity batten – a true multi-use solution! 

Save time, money and future-proof your construction today with the ATI Cavi-Break Strip. 

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