ATI offers perfect solution for Coco L Construction

Jul 20, 2023 | Commercial Construction

Australian Thermal Industries (ATI) came to the rescue with our revolutionary Cavi-Break Strip, offering leading cladding experts Coco L Construction a solution for a project in northern Queensland.  

We supplied 10 cartons of the Cavi-Break Strip to Coco L Construction after the company faced unsuitable steel framing for a predetermined thermal break solution – saving them time and money in the process. 

“Initially, we had a bit of trouble because the steel framing didn’t allow us to use the product we intended to,” said Coco L Construction’s Zach Wen. 

“This site had different specifications and the nogging gaps exceeded the limits of the original product. Leading us to look for stud fixing remedies.  

“After being referred by supplier James Hardie, I spoke with Aaron from ATI who told me it was no problem and he explained we could install this product on the studs instead of the noggings.” 

The Cavi-Break Strip solution meant the job could recommence and prevent delays while also improving productivity. 

“It was price efficient but also really labour efficient, which should attract many commercial builders on the market ,” Zach said.  

“Other products require additional labour during the attachment, such as fiber cement battens, because you have to screw them on and measure and make sure it’s all right. If the gap is too large, your cladding system may not be compliant.  

“With the Cavi-Break Strip it’s just about finding a stud, sticking it on, ‘peel and apply’ – so it’s really hard to mess that up!” 

The decision to move to the ATI Cavi-Break Strip saved Coco L Construction time and money, which in the building game is a rare combination. 

“Not only was it easy to work with, it was also far easier to carry and you could even transport it without a ute – it would fit in a car!” Zach said.  

“It saves you time, money and there are minimal components for you to consider.”

Cavi-Break Strip performs equally well as a cavity batten for timber framed builds so join the revolution and future-proof your construction today with the ATI Cavi-Break Strip. 

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