WST Building & Construction using Cavi-Break™ thermal batten in residential steel frame construction

May 15, 2024 | Commercial Construction, Residential Construction

Sam Payling is a Kit Home builder originally from the UK who is currently building his own home in Western Australia. He has a keen eye for detail and a hands-on approach making the decision to bypass the traditional Double Brick route favoured in WA, opting instead for a steel frame. For Sam, it was all about maintaining control over every aspect of his home’s construction.

In his search for the right thermal break materials, Sam conducted thorough research to find the perfect fit for his project. ‘I decided to go with ATI Cavi-Break®,’ Sam recalls, ‘and let me tell you, the customer service I received was second to none. I had all my queries answered promptly, even outside regular hours, and the product was delivered to my doorstep in record time. What’s more, it was competitively priced, even beating the competition who had a far less superior product.’

Once the product arrived, Sam wasted no time putting it to the test. ‘Installation was a breeze, especially because there was no need for any power tools. I was surprised at how quickly the strips went up, ready to install the cladding’ he says.

He was excited to find out that ATI have extended their range to include the Cavi-Vent™ as it would have saved him significant time and money not having to have a custom metal drained cavity closer manufactured.

Sam is impressed with ATI’s products and service and plans to use them again. He highly recommends them to other builders and is even considering becoming a distributor for ATI’s products in WA.

Sam’s positive experience with ATI reflects their customer service approach, reliability, and quality.

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